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roof-kote features

ROOF-KOTE‘s original biobased formula makes it easy to permanently seal and repair your roof!

A good choice for the environment

biobased ~ reduces energy usage ~ non-toxic

Roof-kote contains a proprietary blend of natural agricultural oils. Biobased products help reduce dependence on petroleum based products and provide markets for American farmers. Roof-kote White (an ENERGY STAR® qualified roof coating) reflects the sun's rays, reducing building temperatures and cooling costs. Roof-kote is biodegrable, non-toxic and VOC compliant...the best choice for your roof and the environment!

A good choice for your roof

instant waterproof protection ~ stops flat roof leaks ~ ponding water resistance

Roof-kote's natural oil formula forms an immediate watertight seal that locks out moisture. Roof-kote creates a vapor and moisture barrier that completely seals the roof surface. Unlike water-based coatings, Roof-kote can be applied when rain is forecast, humidity is high or when outside temperatures are as low as 40° F.

A good choice for your budget

one coat coverage ~ limited ongoing maintenance ~ save time & money

Roof-kote goes on in just one coat over most roof surfaces. Other coatings require multiple applications, at least two and up to five! Roof-kote seals and waterproofs in just one coat saving time, labor and money. Roof-kote is easy to apply and requires little yearly maintenance or recoating costs. Roof-kote can withstand attack by UV rays, mold & mildew and temperature extremes. For business property owners, roofing repair costs can be expensed immediately, unlike capital expenses, which have to be amortized over many years. Compare the real costs of keeping YOUR roof sealed and waterproofed and you’ll see why natural oil-based Roof-kote is the ONLY coating that makes real roofing dollars and sense!

Easy to Apply - Clean...Patch...Coat!

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product benefits

Roof-kote is a natural agricultural oil-based, single application roof coating. Roof-kote’s biobased formula is VOC compliant, has built-in resistence to mold, mildew, and ultraviolet light attack. The high-build, non-sagging formula has excellent adhesion and flexibility and is 100% waterproof in just one coat. Roof-kote’s environmentally friendly formula stops flat roof leaks and offers permanent ponding resistance.

product certifications

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified roof coating (white).
  • Listed in the USDA BioPreferredSM product catalog.
  • LEEDTM Certification: Roof-kote White can help contribute to earning Sustainable Sites -- Credit 7.2: Heat Island Reduction: Roof and Materials & Resources -- Credits 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3: Building Reuse: Maintain 25%, 50% or 75%, of Existing Walls, Floors & Roof.

product features

100% waterproof. One coat coverage. Natural oil-based. Withstands ponding water. Resistant to mold, mildew and ultraviolet light attack. Standard colors: white, natural (light tan), & black. Custom colors available, can be tinted. Available in gallons, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. Can be stored outside - impervious to freezing.


Recommended for:

Roof-kote can be used over many roof surfaces, including concrete, foam, well adhered water-based coatings, weathered tar and gravel, weathered asphalt, rolled roofing, compatible single-ply membranes, slate and tile. When used with Primer-kote, Roof-kote can be used on new concrete and new or unsealed asphalt. Do not use Roof-kote on rubber, EPDM or any questionable roof surface. Do not use Roof-kote on new concrete or new or unsealed asphalt unless surface is primed with Primer-kote. Before coating ANY roof, always do a test patch to check for compatibility, adhesion and soundness.


Airless spray: 4000 psi min. ˝” hose min. 0.025 to 0.039 inch orifice reversible tip
Reduction: Do not reduce
Squeegee: Rubber squeegee
Brush: Natural, nylon or polyester bristle
Roller: Smooth foam roller
Approximate Coverage Rates Per Gallon
Recommended spreading rate: 40 to 50 mils wet
Average coverage rate: 30-40 sq. ft.
Slate, Tile, Concrete: 30-40 sq. ft.
Foam/Membranes: 30-40 sq. ft.
Rolled Roofing: 25-35 sq. ft. Alligatored Asphalt: 20-30 sq. ft.
Tar & Gravel: 15-25 sq. ft.*
(*will vary with extent of gravel removal)

Coverage rates are given in good faith by TKO Waterproof Coatings and should be used as an estimate only. Actual coverage rates will vary due to the individual nature of each application. Therefore, TKO Waterproof Coatings is not responsible for any variance between estimated and actual coverage rates.

General Application Guidelines

Preparation: Surface should be sound, clean and dry. Remove flaking, peeling and loose material. If mold and mildew are present, they must be removed before coating with Roof-kote. Use a suitable fungicide cleaner or liquid bleach solution. Once the mold and mildew has been completely removed, rinse the surface with water and allow it to dry thoroughly before coating with Roof-kote. For proper maintenance, the roof can be power-washed with up to 3000 psi to remove mold and mildew as well as other dirt and air-borne contaminants.
Patching: Patch all seams, breaks, leaks and problem areas with Tuff-kote or Roof-kote and Tuffglass Fabric before coating.
Priming: Some substrates may require priming of the surface with Primer-kote prior to coating (including tar and asphalt and new concrete). Allow Primer-kote to cure for 24 hours before coating with Roof-kote. Contact factory for product specification sheet and more information.
Application: Mix product thoroughly before using. Do not thin. Product warranty is voided if product is altered in any way. Keep lid tightly sealed after opening to prevent skin formation, stir again before each use. If skin forms, remove completely prior to mixing. Apply one thick coat at 40 to 50 wet mils. Always use a wet film gauge to ensure the proper mil thickness has been applied. Temperature range for application: 40° F to 100° F for air, surface and material with a maximum humidity of 85%. Keep material at 72° F to 100° F for best spread rate. Forms immediate watertight barrier on all surfaces.
Cure time: Initial skin forms in six to eight hours; develops thicker set skin in 24 to 48 hours in good drying conditions (72° F and 50% humidity).
Conditions To Touch To Handle
40° F @ 50% humidity 72 hours 30 days
72° F @ 50% humidity 48 hours 14 days
100° F @ 50% humidity 24 hours 7 days
Final dry time will vary based on ambient temperature, weather conditions, relative humidity, application thickness, air movement and precipitation. Avoid all foot traffic until fully cured. Suitable for occasional/maintenance foot traffic only. Do not use on decks or high traffic areas. Roof-kote dries slowly, stays flexible and pliable under skin, never dries hard; cures to a tough, leathery finish.
Clean-up: Clean tools with mineral spirits. Dispose of containers properly.

Application Guidelines for Specific Roof Types

Concrete: New concrete surfaces should be tested for alkalinity prior to the application of Roof-kote. Treat alkaline concrete and concrete patches with a Muriatic acid and water solution or seal with Primer-kote. Apply one coat of Roof-kote at 40 wet mils.
Slate and Tile: Remove efflorescence. Treat alkaline stucco surfaces with a Muriatic acid and water solution or seal with Primer-kote. Apply one coat of Roof-kote at 40 wet mils. Make sure Roof-kote is applied evenly on all overlaps, with no voids or gaps in the coating.
Acrylic Elastomeric Coatings: Remove all failed coatings completely. Apply one coat of Roof-kote to secured surface at 40 wet mils.
Asphalt: Seal new asphalt with Primer-kote to prevent bleed-through. Apply one coat of Roof-kote at 40 wet mils. Allow extra material when coating granulated or rough surfaces.
Rolled Roofing: Check and repair blisters, patch all seams and joints. Remove all loose granules to ensure good adhesion, allow for extra material on rough or graveled surfaces. Seal with Primer-kote before applying Roof-kote.

technical information

  • Biobased content: minimum 49% (ASTM D 6866-04)
  • Mold, algae, bacteria resistance: No growth.
  • Flash point greater than 140° F.
  • Non-toxic when cured.
  • VOC compliant, less than 250 grams per liter.
  • No hazardous disposal requirements. Check with all local, state and federal regulations before disposing.
  • Shelf life: two years in unopened can. Store at 40 to 85° F for maximum in-can stability.
  • Solids contents: 80%.
  • Weight per gallon: 9.5#
  • Fire rating: Class A over non-combustible substrate (ASTM E-84-04).
  • Non-ozone producing. Non-ozone depleting.
  • Biodegradable.


Combustible - keep away from heat and flame. Contains mineral spirits. Do not smoke when using product. Do not use Roof-kote with potable water systems. Keep of out reach of children. Avoid prolonged exposure with skin and breathing of vapor or spray mist. Do not take internally. Before smoking or eating and after using, cleanse hands thoroughly. Close container tightly after each use. Use only with adequate ventilation. See the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for additional safety information.


Information is given in good faith, to be used as a guide only and does not assure product suitability for an intended purpose or application. Product is guaranteed to be free of defect. Warranty is limited to replacement of that portion of product proven to be defective. For complete warranty information, contact manufacturer.

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